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Biography of Artist Louise Bridges


Although British, Louise has called Calgary home since 2007.  She studied art in high school, but then pursued a career in IT and business consultancy.  After a stint as a stay-at-home mom,  she yearned for a more creative path, choosing interior design for her second career.  During the quiet of the Covid lockdown, she reached for the paints once more and discovered a new outlet for her creativity: painting.

Her background in interior design, with its study of colour, focal points, and composition, translates easily into the creation of beautiful landscape paintings.  Inspired by the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and prairies surrounding Calgary, Louise is always on the lookout for the scene that sparks her next painting.  A love of photography allows her to use her own landscape photos as artistic references.  

Working primarily in acrylic, she paints landscapes in a photo-realistic style, using calm colour palettes to capture scenes with intricate detail.  Her hope is to produce paintings that connect people to the beautiful scenery around them.

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